October 2, 2023


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Low Water Strain and Different Plumbing Predicaments (Half 1)

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Today's Homeowner TV Host Danny Lipford and master plumber Artie McGowan

This week, Artie McGowan, grasp plumber and proprietor of Colony Plumbing in Cell, Ala., joins me to supply options to among the most typical plumbing issues, like low water stress and clogged drains.  

He’s a long-time pal of mine who’s additionally completed a whole lot of jobs for my development firm. 

Open chrome faucet wash basin with low water pressure
Rising the water stress on a sink faucet is perhaps so simple as cleansing the aerator. (Koldunova_Anna, Getty Photos)

Low Water Strain

If a house owner is experiencing low water stress, what could be the possible trigger?

Artie: Nicely typically, it would simply be that ol’ cousin Earl parked his truck over your water meter and squished the road. However as a rule it’s one thing else.

First, check out the place the issue is. Within the kitchen toilet sink or bathroom, typically particles comes up by the water and will get into the tap aerator to sluggish it down or virtually clog it. 

Cleansing the tap aerator ought to resolve the issue.

Some homes are a bit extra sophisticated and have a water pressure-reducing valve that comes proper off the meter. When it does, it goes unhealthy over time. It’s greatest to let knowledgeable restore this as a result of more often than not it needs to be changed.

If you want to exchange a 3/4-inch provide line, is there any benefit to stepping that as much as a 1-inch line?

Artie: One of the best factor to do is to extend it. This gives you just a little bit extra velocity on the faucet.

When the water’s working by, let’s say if you happen to run it by a small half-inch line, as soon as the fixture begins delivering that water, the stress drops actually shortly.

The bigger pipe you’ve got, the extra quantity of water you’ve got. It’s much less prone to drop in stress, particularly if it’s a long term to the home. 

What would you say is the appropriate PSI going to a home?

Artie: The optimum water stress I desire is 75 PSI on a three-quarter line. Most metropolis water is about that PSI, a few of it’s within the 60s and 50s, relying on how new the system is.

On wells, more often than not it’s about 45 PSI, however you may enhance it. A properly has a stress holding tank, so you may have just a little bit decrease stress on the pump, however that tank will stick with it.

Tap water pouring over a drain
Often, sinks clog, and when that occurs, you don’t must name a handyman or plumber to repair the issue. (laymul, Getty Photos)

Sluggish Draining

We get a whole lot of questions on find out how to repair a slow-draining sink or tub. What’s the frequent trigger?

Artie: In the event you run the water and it backs up instantly, the clog is between the highest of the sink and the underside of the lure. It’s extra possible hair catching on a visit lever that operates the pop-up valve. Simply repair this by eradicating the pop-up valve and pulling the hair out with needle-nose pliers.

Watch: The right way to Take away Standing Water From a Clogged Sink

However, if you happen to run the water and it takes about 30 seconds for it to replenish, the issue is down the road within the drain. It may very well be 5, six, or 10 toes away from the place you’re. If that’s the case, you utilize a liquid drain cleaner with excessive sulfuric acid content material. You may simply discover this kind as a result of it’s packaged double — in a bottle and likewise in a bag. 

Observe the instructions, and put on the correct security tools, like glasses and gloves. It’s best to let it sit within the drain for about half-hour.

If it doesn’t work, then name knowledgeable to route it out with an auger. 

Closeup, overhead view of a toilet, mid-flush, as cash goes down the drain
A working bathroom wastes a whole lot of water and prices you a whole lot of money. (DepositPhotos)

Working Bathroom

One other frequent query we obtain is that their bathroom appears to be consistently working. What’s the trigger/answer for that?

Artie: This implies there’s an issue with the flush valve, the equipment that holds the flapper. 

Most occasions, you want to exchange the flapper, however typically it may very well be a crack within the flush valve and water is discovering its approach into the bowl. 

You are able to do the meals coloring take a look at to test for leaks. Then, you already know the issue is within the flush valve and flapper space. 

There are numerous merchandise on the market that make flapper alternative straightforward. As an example, Fluidmaster’s 502 PerforMAX Water-Saving, Adjustable Flapper presents a custom-made flush. To make use of it, you simply have to show the dial left for extra water per flush, or proper for much less, relying in your wants.

Watch: The right way to Repair a Working Bathroom 

The advantage of plumbing at present is that it’s change into so user-friendly due to merchandise like Fluidmaster’s. I exploit their flappers, fill valves and flush valves actually because I’ve had a lot success with them.

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